Meet the creative geniuses - or is that geniusi? - behind pfg-photography.

So who are pfg-photography? 


Paul, Fiona and Gavin (pfg!  Clever, huh?) are three friends from the Scottish central belt who share a passion for photography.  We range all over Scotland from the Borders to the Highlands to try and capture the essence of the beautiful country that we live in.  In that vein we like to keep computer time to a minimum, while most shots will require a little photoshop work we try not to overuse this and let the light and the images speak for themselves.  Scotland is a wet country however and we're certainly not averse to the odd indoor project to pass the time!


We'll each give a potted history of ourselves below, however it might be helpful to try and sum up our roles in a few short sentences here.  We like to think that our different styles compliment each other, ones strength is anothers weakness;


Fiona is the creative one, she's a perfectionist and probably the person who thinks longest and hardest about the images she's trying to create.  Whilst the rest of us may come back from a day with twice as many shots in the bag, Fi will have caught the one quality image the others missed.


Gavin is the innovator and our technical guru - if you have a question about the kit you should be using and the best way to employ it Gav's your man!  He's also the most likely to experiment and try something that little bit different, pulling off shots the others wouldn't have thought of even trying.


And Paul... Well they needed someone to sweep the floors and tidy the office, but also our macro man he has an excellant eye for detail. We walk past a item and leave a location with our hearts sinking, Paul leaves with a memory card full of top quality images of the things we've missed.


Though we all have different styles and particular interests when it comes to our photographs we all aspire to the same standards of quality, innovation and beauty in everything we do.  As you browse these pages we hope that we can show you a little of what we see when we look through the lens...

Fiona Johnston - I've been taking photos since I was knee high to a grasshopper, well not literally but it's not that far off! I was very much inspired by my Dad who constantly had a camera by his side and I loved the magical way he could point this box at something and then produce a perfectly rendered copy a few weeks later - the joy of film cameras! My first camera was a Brownie (and no I'm not THAT old, it was given to me by my Gran) - and I still have some of my first photos, though they're not quite good enough to be displayed proudly on here. The first time I used an SLR was when I was in my sixth year at school and was doing a GCSE in photography. I followed this up with a few hedonistic years at uni before I got back into photography properly and bought my very own SLR. I've never looked back since. My photographic passions lie in landscapes and wildlife though I'll try my hand at anything and see how it goes.
I hope you find our website interesting and inspiring. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments to our guestbook and let us know how we're doing.

Gavin Whigham - I have been taking pictures since I was old enough to steal my dads old SLR. I love gizmos and cameras are an extension of this. Much to my wife's dismay every spare minute I have I am out with the camera rather than doing housework. I am pretty sure I have ruined many a good holiday for my wife by stopping off every two minutes to take photos of shapes in the ground or old buildings with no windows. I do have some formal training however mostly just many years of experimenting. I have had my pictures used in local government publications and was lucky enough to have one of my photos published in the Scotsman newspaper. I have been showing my photographs on line for around a year now with a lot of trial and error. Mostly I just hope you like what you see here. We have been talking about doing this site for a while now, so if you like it let us know and tell a friend.
Thanks again, Gavin.

 Paul Barclay - I got into real photography much later than the other two, it wasn't til sixth year at school when it was a straight choice between a course on photography or music to fill my timetable.  I was never much good on a recorder so photography it was.  Somewhere in that course - I suspect during one of the many lunch hours spent exposed to the chemicals in the unventilated school darkroom - I fell in love with photography.  I spent my holiday money that summer on a cheap SLR and a 50mm lens and never looked back.  My passion is for detail and close ups, I'm never happier than when crouched down trying to get an awkward tripod, a recalcitrant macro filter and a tiny depth of field to co-operate and produce the image I'm chasing.  Usually it doesn't work - but just occasionally you get something special. 
I hope you enjoy our site - rest assured we enjoyed making it.